Digital Wealth Manager for all - Mintd's Vision

Mintd Team
April 18, 2022

We, at Mintd want to build a future where setting up your entire personal financial base is literally as easy as a click of a button, starting with your investments.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to achieve a basic level of financial wellness. Theoretically it should be easy. You're 90% of the way there (and probably in the 99th percentile of the country) if you have:

1. An emergency fund that's worth 3-6 month of expenses
2. Health insurance
3. Life insurance if you have dependents
4. 0 debt (or are working towards it)
5. Most of your savings invested in a diversified portfolio of index funds

That's it.

In reality it's obviously not that simple for everyone. For starters, circumstances dictate a lot of what you can and can't do. We recognize that no one 'wants' to have debt, and that everyone doesn't have the disposable income to invest into the market. Those are big problems that require solutions too, but different ones.

However, for the people that are in a position get there, financial wellness is still way more complex than it should be. For every box you need to check there are thousands of options. Meanwhile it's in incumbents' interests to confuse the consumer - "Can't pick from our 8000 mutual fund offerings? Here's an advisor who will charge you commissions to pick one that's fungible anyway." "Can't decide what the right life insurance policy is to protect your family when you're gone? Here's an insurance agent who makes the max commission on the policy that's likely not the best for you."

What makes personal finance tricky is that it feels so subjective - like there aren't any absolute solutions to one's specific problems. However we believe that the path to getting 90% of the way there is absolute, and pretty simple. And while we recognize that personal finance needs to be "personal", we believe the pursuit for perfection shouldn't paralyze you out of getting most of the way there.

Click a button, get setup for life. That's the future we want to build now.

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