Razorpay - another overvalued Indian startup?

Mintd Team
February 22, 2022

Razorpay sees its valuation jump over seven-fold this year, raises $375m.’ It’s easy to look at this headline and lament the current capital and valuation environment - “There goes another crazy overvalued startup, when will this end?”

However, if you’ve ever used any product in the Razorpay ecosystem as a business, this headline won’t surprise you at all.

The fundraise news a couple of days ago reminded me that I needed to migrate my HR and payroll to RazorpayX Payroll, so I went for it. Within 12 hours, their team booked a demo session, answered all my questions, onboarded me AND approved my KYC. This process would have taken +/- 5 days anywhere else.

On top of that, the interface is so intuitive and automated that a seven year old could run payroll for a business every month in just minutes.

The time and administrative headache it saves for businesses vs what I've seen in my past experiences is comical. No bulky excel sheets, no deduction calculations, no manual compliance filings. Not only does this all enable you to run lighter, it also let’s your HR and operations functions focus on the strategic things that matter.

Just wish I had known about the whole ecosystem when I started off so I was already in it rather than switching to it.

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