Resources I found useful for building my startup

Mintd Team
February 11, 2022

Starting from scratch involves a lot of unstructured work and just 'figuring things out.' For me, that meant a lot of googling and badgering people who I knew had been here before me (sorry friends). I would always wish there was a single, consolidated database of everything I needed to know to get going. Y Combinator's startup library comes close, but here are some other resources I've found really helpful during my own research and building process:

1. Market research, competitive research: Idea maze by Balaji S
2. Customer research, problem discovery: "Jobs to Be Done" framework by Clayton Christensen
3. Customer acquisition strategy: Traction by Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo
4. Evaluating your ideas: Amazing video by Y-Combinator partner Kevin Hale on 'How to Evaluate Startup Ideas'
5. Clarity of thought on your business: Using this simple business plan template from Sequoia

Still a WIP, but thinking of putting together all the best resources I come across into a database so anyone else building doesn't have to trudge through google/bank on the random recommendation.

The respective links are -

Y Combinator :
Idea maze :
Jobs to be done :
Traction :
How to evaluate startup ideas :
Writing a business plan :

Hope you found this helpful. All the best for building your startup!

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